WATCH: Leftists admit they don't want 'unity' or 'compromise'

Self-described "most tolerant" and "most empathetic" Leftist says Republicans have no value at all.

"Since the 2020 election, leftists have been emphasizing the importance of unity, tolerance, and compromise," reads The Daily Wire video description.

Ami Horowitz with The Daily Wire interviews Democrats in the East Village, Manhattan, and proves that Leftism does not practice what it preaches.

Watch Democrats on the street refuse to compromise with Republicans.

Horowitz asks one woman, "Can you compromise on climate change?" "Absolutely not!" she responds emphatically, adding "There is no compromise!"

But when Horowitz had asked the same woman earlier how important tolerance and acceptance is, she responded "It's very important! It's one of the most important things! I'm one of the most tolerant people because I'm one of the most empathetic people."

Just not toward Conservatives, apparently.

Which party is the "intolerant" one again?

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