Understand 'Q' and 'the plan to save the world'

Trump's presidency is a decades-long "military-grade sting operation to bring down the criminal power structure that has been ruling this country for a very long time, and every country around the world," according to theory supporters.

Scott McKay, radio host of "The Tipping Point" on Revolution.Radio, gives a whirlwind overview of Q.

McKay says that Donald Trump's election is a "military operation."

"This election was a military-grade sting operation to bring down the criminal power structure that has been ruling this country for a very long time, and every country around the world," said McKay, adding that a recent video he uploaded to YouTube on the topic received 16,000 views "overnight."

The radio host warned about what a future Biden administration might look like.

McKay said that should Biden come to power in the US, "trust me, what's coming for America is what all you feared and heard about in the past: the ushering in of the one-world government, new world order."

But McKay says that the goal of the new world order will not in fact materialize.

"I'm here to assure you: that isn't gonna happen," he promised his viewers.

Beginning with John F. Kennedy and hundreds of military generals, McKay explains the history of the plan to bring down this global criminal enterprise by infiltrating it. "They had to devise a plan. They had to get smarter. They had to find a way to infiltrate this corrupt power structure that's been pulling all the strings on the United States and other countries worldwide for a very long time," he said.

McKay walks the viewer through the 1871 Organic Act passed by Congress which effectively incorporated the United States, the nation's relationship with the Federal Reserve banking system, and how nefarious actors came to power in our government.

While this was happening, "we had our people–we'll call them the 'patriots', the alliance powers–which are patriots in the military, some politicians, some good guys, some business people, and 22 alliance nations around the world. And this alliance had been orchestrating the infiltration of all the global power structures that had been taken over in every country by this cabal."

In 2015, former United States Navy Admiral Michael S. Rodgers, "a true American hero," was named commander of the NSA. "That's when they knew, at that point when they got control of the NSA, the NSA has been cataloging, logging, recording, every single email, every phone call, every text message, every form of communication, everything you've done, NSA has been surveilling and cataloging everything about your life and everybody's life."

"That became a weapon...designed to do one thing: to enslave humanity."

"The alliance powers, the patriots, infiltrated the apparatus. They got control of the NSA," said McKay. This meant that the "good guys" now had incriminating evidence on criminals in the government, "big tech, multinational corporations, military-industrial complex, the monarchies around the world, the Vatican, go down through the list," he went on.

Prepared to launch a coup against these evil bodies, these patriots intercepted a plan to "take down the United States" through the Obama and Clinton administrations.

The NSA had the 2016 election rigged for Clinton to win, whose administration was going to launch a false flag operation framing Vladimir Putin's Russia. In response, Clinton was to "launch a thermonuclear retaliatory strike on Moscow and kick the whole thing off. That was going to be [their means of] '[thinning] the herd' on the planet."

Military intelligence stopped that and approached Donald Trump to "launch a massive attack on the deep state power structure and bring the whole thing down once and for all."

"Save the country. Save the world."

The cabal has been in "full attack mode" to eliminate the "most existential threat" to their success: the Donald Trump presidency.

Watch McKay's full breakdown below:

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