Leftist media terrified by Trump's 'firebrand' lawyer

New York Times says Trump's "high-profile" Democrat-turned-Republican attorney, Cleta Mitchell, is working behind the scenes "to overturn the election."

Perhaps mainstream media (MSM) are most afraid of the fact that Mitchell is a Democrat turned Republican. Beginning her career as a Democrat and Oklahoma House representative, Mitchell registered as a Republican in 1996.

After the switch, she built her reputation "as a firebrand" ascending within the Republican party as a leading election and nonprofit lawyer, litigating for congressional campaigns and even the N.R.A (National Rifle Association).

According to the New York Times (NYT), Mitchell was "a leading critic of the I.R.S.’s treatment of nonprofit groups associated with the Tea Party movement during the Obama administration and of state and local coronavirus restrictions that religious groups opposed last year."

NYT also notes the attorney has represented the likes of Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump's former chief strategist, and Scott Pruitt, the President's former head of the Environmental Protection agency.

Mitchell is now a partner at Foley & Lardner LLP, a law firm represented by over 1,000 attornies in offices spanning virtually every major city in the US, representing large corporations like CVS Pharmacy.

When MSM covered the "thoroughly discredited and debunked" 2016 Russia investigation, Mitchell openly criticized special counsel Robert Mueller for not extending his investigation to Hillary Clinton and the DNC's (Democratic National Committee) payments to Fusion GPS and elsewhere.

"The point here is that if Mueller is interested in unreported and excessive contributions to a 2016 presidential campaign, he can certainly accomplish that objective on a much grander scale in both the amounts involved and the scope of the conspiracy by turning his attention to the $84 million that flowed through the DNC in their massive scheme to completely evade the legal contribution limits to the Clinton campaign," Mitchell wrote in the National Review.

She continued, "Mueller and his agents could spend 30 minutes reading the complaint in that lawsuit and the memorandum of understanding prepared by Marc Elias for and signed by the DNC and the Clinton campaign (Elias represented them both) that gave Clinton control of the DNC’s finances, activities, and expenditures, as well as the millions of dollars in proceeds of joint fundraising by the DNC, state Democratic parties, and the Clinton campaign. These co-conspirators collectively engaged in the greatest campaign-finance scandal in history."

NYT is covering Ms. Mitchell because she is heard on a recording recently leaked by The Washington Post supporting President Trump, calling her efforts an "attempt to subvert the [2020 presidential] election results." The leak backfired on the partisan newspaper (WaPo) because the recording revealed the President supporting transparency and detailing cases of election fraud.

The NYT article repeatedly referred to Mitchell and Trump's lawyers' claims of voter fraud as "baseless" and "outlandish."

In the leaked conversation, Mitchell responded to similar name-calling by emphasizing the importance of "getting to the truth":

“[Y]ou can keep telling us and making public statement that you investigated this and nothing to see here. But we don’t know about that. All we know is what you tell us. What I don’t understand is why wouldn’t it be in everyone’s best interest to try to get to the bottom, compare the numbers, you know, if you say, because… to try to be able to get to the truth because we don’t have any way of confirming what you’re telling us. You tell us that you had an investigation at the State Farm Arena. I don’t have any report. I’ve never seen a report of investigation. I don’t know that is. I’ve been pretty involved in this, and I don’t know. And that’s just one of 25 categories.”

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