Left-wing big tech's censorship of conservatives

Updated: Jan 9

Big tech platforms, book publishers, and Michelle Obama want to muzzle dissenting voices.

BREAKING UPDATE: Big tech declared war on President Trump!

On Wednesday, Twitter locked out President Donald Trump from his account even though he was calling for his supporters to peacefully disperse from the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg also banned the President from his platform stating, "We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great."

Instagram followed suit, their Head, Adam Mosseri, tweeting “exceptional circumstances” had prompted the decision to ban the president.

According to the Huffington Post, this means Trump won’t be allowed to use the platforms again as president, as President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.

Other big tech representatives are falling in line.

Google employee Ashley Edwards is calling for retribution against Republican leaders, tweeting demands for punishment brought against members of Congress who objected to Wednesday's Electoral College vote count.

“F***ing treasonous terrorists,” said Edwards in a tweet Wednesday. “Every single one of the Republicans who enabled this need to be jailed.”

According to Breitbart, the Google employee went on to brand Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) a “treasonous coward,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) a “treasonous clown,” said Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) was “complicit in this insurrection,” and branded GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) a “traitorous clown.”

Watch Texas Senator Ted Cruz call Google "the most dangerous company on the planet."

Requests for censorship are also coming from the likes of former First Lady Michelle Obama, who is calling for big tech companies to "permanently" ban President Trump from their platforms. Obama says this is in order "to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection."

Obama says that even those who voted for Trump are implicit in Wednesday's violence. "Now is the time for those who voted for this president to see the reality of what they've supported–and publicly and forcefully rebuke him and the actions of that mob," she said.

Former FBI agents and military officers have confirmed that Antifa thugs were the primary perpetrators of Wednesday's violence.

Obama went on to say, "Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior–and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation's leaders to fuel insurrection."

Forbes used the same term as Michelle Obama ("insurrection") to describe Wednesday's events, which backfired for the media source.

Some are accusing the former First Lady of "Fascism" for suggesting such draconian measures against those with whom she disagrees.

Big tech's banning of the President happened at the same time publishing company Simon and Shuster canceled Republican Senator Josh Hawley's (Mo.) book deal for "his role" in the "deadly insurrection" at the US Capitol Building.

Commenting on the level of hostility now being waged against conservatives a Townhall author writes, "Saying we’re for smaller government, more jobs, fewer taxes, and less regulation could be viewed as fueling insurrection by these folks. No, scratch that — it has. Remember the Tea Party movement? I remember when the media smeared these patriots as quasi-domestic terrorists, racists, and overall total loons for demanding things that the vast majority of Americans want; no one likes taxes."

The author continues, "The truth is, I don’t trust the Left. I know you don’t either. The 'woke' morons who think they know best because they got a degree in gender studies will have sought to cancel people for having wholly uncontroversial views on policy. During COVID, Chicago Public Schools warned that reopening is an act of misogyny and racism. So, I’m going to trust these morons with filtering through what is truly insurrectionist rhetoric and classic conservative thought? Nope. I can’t, and neither should you. This is what President Trump and others warned would happen eventually if we let big tech run wild. As we're about to enter the Biden administration, expect more purges."

Alex Jones and his Infowars were banned in 2018 from social media platforms, along with right-wingers Gavin McInnes, Laura Loomer, Jesse Kelly, Tommy Robinson, Owen Benjamin, and Sabo.

Jack Posobiec with One America News (OAN) was banned by Twitter in 2019 along with an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez parody account, even prompting outrage from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Who's next?

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