CNN explains how Donald Trump can still win the 2020 presidential election

"[T]here are also mechanisms that are legal and Constitutional that could enable Trump to stay in office without actually winning the vote."

This is no right-wing news source.

This is CNN.

CNN's Fareed Zakaria explains how Donald Trump can still win the US presidency even though he apparently lost the Electoral College vote.

At the congressional joint session tomorrow, it is possible Republicans "could decide that disputed states should simply not be counted," says Zakaria.

"At that point, the constitution clearly directs that the house of representatives vote to determine the presidential election but it does so with each state casting a single ballot.

"If the current numbers hold, there would be 26 state delegations that are Republican and 23 Democratic with one tied.

"So the outcome would be to re-elect Donald Trump."

"Trump doesn't need to do anything other than to simply accept this outcome which is constitutional."

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