Amazon, Netflix, Twitter: ‘Dirty Dozen List’ names 12 businesses profiting off sexual exploitation

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation unveiled its annual Dirty Dozen list, comprised of 12 businesses and entities that the organization says profit off sexually exploitative products.

The Christian Post reports:

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has been releasing the annual Dirty Dozen list since 2013 to spread awareness and get those on the list to stop promoting sexually graphic products and content and stop allowing sexual harassment, predatory grooming and child sexual abuse.

The latest list was released on Tuesday morning, with experts and NCOSE staffers talking more in-depth about these entities and why they were on the list during a virtual event held on Zoom.

Lina Nealon, Director of Corporate and Strategic Initiatives at NCOSE, gave introductory remarks, saying those on the list benefited from the “societal chaos” of the pandemic.

“The Dirty Dozen list is comprised of corporations, brands, organizations, and institutions that you likely know. Ones that you and I are probably using on a weekly if not daily basis,” said Nealon.

“They exert enormous influence and power politically, economically, socially, and culturally. And while many of them provide us with products that we love, entertainment, and ways of communicating, they are also perpetuating and enabling violence and harm.”

NCOSE also included an additional “Watch List” where they listed Snapchat, TikTok, and Visa, because those entities had made improvements in tackling sexual exploitation but retained various problems.

The Toronto Sun reports:

This year’s list includes heavy hitters such as Amazon, Chromebook, Discord, EBSCO, Netflix, the state of Nevada, OnlyFans and Reddit, among others.

“Our list highlights institutions that are facilitating and even profiting from sexual exploitation,” said Lina Nealon, NCOSE director of corporate and strategic initiatives.

“Most of the targets greatly benefited from the pandemic, like Google, that saw shipments of Chromebooks double in 2020 but refused to proactively turn on safeguards for the millions of devices going to schools – leaving kids at risk of exposure to pornography and even predators.”

Nealon also called out newbie OnlyFans for taking advantage of vulnerable women during the lockdowns that have ravaged the planet.


AMAZON— E-commerce giant “peddles endless amounts of sexual exploitation.” CSOSE added that Amazon’s Twitch is “rife with sexual harassment, predatory grooming, and child sexual abuse.”

CHROMEBOOKS— Refused to turn on safety features for millions of devices going to schools – leaving students at risk of exposure to sexually explicit material and sexual predators.

DISCORD— Discord has inadequate age verification procedures in place. “Hundreds of private and public channels are rife with sexually graphic, violent, and exploitative content.”

EBSCO — A leading provider of online learning resources, “graphic sexual content and live links to prostitution and porn websites are easily accessible to K-12 students.”

NETFLIX — “Mixed in with the hours of entertainment, though, is sexually graphic and degrading content. Netflix has improved its parental control system and added content warnings.”

NEVADA — Legalized brothels like the Bunny Ranch, which NCOSE characterizes as sexual slavery.

ONLYFANS — “Makes money off of vulnerable people’s bodies – especially the bodies of women and minors.” OnlyFans promises cash, “empowerment, and even fame.”

REDDIT — A “hub of exploitation where sex buyers and other sexual predators meet to exchange non-consensually shared intimate images, hardcore pornography, and to give advice to each other about how to use and abuse.”

SEEKINGARRANGEMENT — A “sugar dating” platform, “sugar dating” being “just another term for prostitution.”

TWITTER — “Sexual exploitation is rampant on Twitter. Twitter allows countless posts that “function as advertisements for the trading of child pornography, sex trafficking, prostitution, and pornography.”

VERISIGN — “Seventy per cent of all web pages identified as containing child sexual abuse images were found on .com and .net domains.” Verisign has exclusive management over the .com and .net generic top-level domains.

WISH — Retail shopping website and app used by more than 500 million people “is one of the few mainstream corporations still working with the world’s biggest sexual abusers — MindGeek and Pornhub.”

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