Michigan officials ordered ‘deletion of e-poll books and other evidence’

by Jon Fleetwood | ​December 14, 2020

Destroy The evidence!.png

A judge allowed for the release of a forensic report of Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan which found an “error” that “flipped” thousands of votes for President Donald Trump to Joe Biden.


13th Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer approved the release, according to The Associated Press (AP).

An election watchdog group called The Amistad Project is asking judges to order the preservation of evidence in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


Phill Kline, the director of the Project, said “We’re filing in all swing states a demand that judges step in and preserve evidence to avoid it from being destroyed or spoiled by the intentional or reckless acts of executive officials,” according to AP.


The bombshell report states that the “tabulation log for the forensic examination of the server for Antrim County from December 6, 2020 consists of 15,676 individual events, of which 10,667 or 68.05% of the events were recorded errors.”


AP notes that “The Federal Election Commission allows a maximum error rate of just 0.0008 percent.”

“This joins with other compelling evidence that the elections in these states cannot be certified under the law.”


The Amistad Project seeks judges in these battleground states to issue emergency orders because state officials, such as Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, are commanding the destruction of relevant evidence.

“In Michigan, the Secretary of State has ordered deletion of e-poll books and other evidence and also has taken affirmative steps to seal forensic evidence regarding the flaws in the operation of Dominion machines from both the public and from legislators who need access to this information in order to perform their constitutional duty,” stated Kline.


“This joins with the Michigan Attorney General threatening legislators with criminal investigation and possible prosecution if they disagree with her, and the Michigan Governor and other officials shutting down the peoples’ house and preventing them from gathering today to perform their constitutional duty.”