Sen. Loeffler vows ‘to continue to fight for this president’ on Jan. 6

by Jon Fleetwood | ​December 28, 2020

_Nothing's off the table!_ (1).png

Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler indicated she will object during the Jan. 6 congressional joint session.


“Dozens” of House Republicans believe there was “serious voter fraud and election theft” in the 2020 presidential election, according to Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.).

Objecting GOP representatives will need at least one Senator to second their objection and move one step closer to another Trump presidency.


“We’re going to sponsor and co-sponsor objections to the Electoral College vote returns in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and maybe more, depending on where we collectively want to go,” said the Alabama Republican, who is leading efforts against the Electoral College’s vote for Joe Biden.

The “real issue” will be whether there are any senators who are “doing their homework and have studied what happened,” and "understand as we do that there has been massive voter fraud and election theft, unlike anything we have seen in American history.”


Brooks blasted Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) and other Republican lawmakers for being “unwilling to do their homework and make tough decisions.” Kinzinger had commented Sunday that the push to overturn the Electoral College vote is really about popular Republican leaders “getting retweets and raising money on this scam" when they know the vote won't be changed.”


Brooks shot back at Kinzinger, “he would do his homework, he could either surrender to the people who support voter fraud and election theft or fight for his country on this particular issue.”

But Loeffler, in an interview with Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit, confirmed that she has President Trump’s back. But before she can object during the Jan. 6 congressional session, Loeffler must first beat far-left radical Raphael Warnock in the Jan. 5 senate run-off.

“In regard to January 6th I’ve been very clear, nothing is off the table. I’ve got to make sure I win January 5th first. But we are going to continue to fight for this president.”