‘Kraken’ is ‘code’ for project to thwart ‘attack on the United States’—Trump lawyer L. Wood

by Jon Fleetwood | ​December 20, 2020


L. Lin Wood, American attorney for President Donald Trump, was asked in a “Fireside Chat” what “The Kraken” is.


Wood has more than 43 years of experience as a trial lawyer in civil litigation. His website indicates he “has extensive experience in First Amendment/defamation litigation and management of the media in high profile cases.”

According to Scandinavian folklore, the Kraken is a gigantic, sailor-terrorizing sea monster.


But “Kraken” has also become an internet meme symbolizing the efforts of another Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, to expose the widespread voting fraud in the 2020 US presidential election.


The BBC explains that Pro-Trump groups, including QAnon theorists, “have amplified the idea under the hashtag #ReleaseTheKraken, and it’s being widely shared by those supporting the legal campaign to challenge the election results.”

“I’ve worked closely with Sidney,” said Wood. “Kraken was the code name given to a project where the United States recognized that they would, in fact, be attacked in this election.”


Noting documentation collected by US intelligence officers, Wood said that Kraken is the “code name for what will turn out to be one of the most remarkable operations in the history of our country.”


“Donald Trump said in 2016 he was going to make America great again,” Wood continued. “By the time he leaves office in 2024, I think he will have in fact made America great again.”

Wood said that Trump is soon “going to keep another campaign promise: he’s going to drain the swamp.” “Donald Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents, if not the greatest president, since George Washington.”


“He’ll be in the ranks of the people on Mount Rushmore,” said Wood.


Wood’s words come on the heels of Powell’s lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia cases making it onto the SCOTUS docket this past week, the same day he tweeted the “most important tweet of my life.”

Wood continued in the tweet, “Chief Justice John Roberts is corrupt & should resign immediately. Justice Stephen Breyer should also resign immediately,” continued Wood. “They are ‘anti-Trumpers’ dedicated to preventing public from knowing TRUTH of @realDonaldTrump re-election.”


In the Fireside, Wood explained that Roberts and Breyer have been plotting how to ensure Trump is not re-elected president. Wood referenced the fact that the name “John Roberts” appeared on flight logs for billionaire child sex offender Jeffery Epstein’s private jet.


“Corruption has reached the highest level of this country when it reaches the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court,” said Wood. “Our legislature has failed us…but Donald Trump is not going to fail us.”


Wood believes that “when this turmoil is over, our country will return to where we started. We will once again be a nation under God.”


The attorney alluded to fearing for his own safety tweeting out that he has “reliable security” and that he is “not suicidal.”


“Rest assured I am NOT suicidal! I love God & I would never make my last act on Earth an act that condemns me to Hell!”